DEMO 2014

by Underground

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PJD Kick ass metal!
Thrash 'till Death
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Thrash 'till Death Amazing Heavy Metal from our little country of Slovenia!!
Just came from their live performance.. I'm expecting more great stuff from these young guys..
Keep it Metal!! Keep it True!! \m/ Favorite track: Burn in Fire.
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First demo CD of slovenian heavy metal band Underground.


released April 24, 2014

Recorded by: Alen Klepčar
Produced by: Urban Merhar

Mario Murgič-vocals
Jernej Kranjec-lead guitar
David Rogič-bass
Aleks Legiša-drums

"New Wave of British Heavy Metal was the start of everything in the Metal world, it's no surprise that bands are looking to emulate this but its not easy to find bands that do it well. UNDERGROUND must have found the Arc of the Covenant of the metal world, being a perfect example of what happened in the 80s. With shrieking and raspy vocals to display the power BRUCE DICKINSON and ROB HALFORD brought, guitar work that would share the podium with "British Steel" and "The Number of the Beast" and not to mention drumming that could easily match that of "Painkiller" and "Run to the Hills" you can have an idea of where this band is coming from. The killer highs that Mario Murgič absolutely dominate in "Burn in Fire". The lyrical idea of the dead skin mask, fictional and also completely real murderer Ed Gein is talked about in the song "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" the strength to this band is the powerful 80s influence and the ability to perform it well!"
[]- Rating: 9

"Fresh out of the Slovenian Metal scene, Heavy Metal bruisers Underground have arisen from the abyss to unleash all mighty hell via their first ever demo - simply entitled '2014 Demo'. What you have here is 13 minutes of Heavy Metal slapped together with influences drawn from the Speed Metal and Thrash Metal styles. Now if this band was to carry on with this style they've created, then they may well be landed with a record label deal within the next two years. For there demo shows a lot of promise and may well lead them to follow fellow-countrymen Negligence into breaking out into the European Metal scene. With an array of fluctuating riffs, flavored vocals and solid drumming, Underground are the new kids on the block."

For Fans of: Judas Priest, Motorhead, Iron Maiden

[8] RHYS STEVENSON(Global Metal Apocalypse)



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Underground Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Underground is a heavy metal band from Slovenia. In their songs you can hear the influences of Judas Priest, King Diamond and similar. Extreme range of vocals and high falsettos, heavy riffs, harmonies and melodic solos, and killer rhythm section, this is Underground! They are creating heavy metal music from the 80's, but in their unique way. Their lyrics are about horror, death and serial killers ... more

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Track Name: Burn in Fire
Underground: Burn in Fire

because i am the one who creeps and crawls,
through the bloody cellars and corridors,
i will take you to my chamber down below,
let me slice your neck and feed on your flesh and blood.

When the night comes and you walk the streets all alone,
i am watching all the time but you dont know,
let me take you to my chamber of pain,
let me put you in my rusty chains.

You are gonna burn in fire,
all my secret wishes will come true,
burn in fire,
tonight the devil plays his tools!

You see,
here my crucifix is hanging upside down,
its the sign of the master of this house,
can you feel the power rising from the above,
the baphomet is painted with their blood.

You are gonna burn in fire,
all my secret wishes will come true,
burn in fire,
tonight the devil works his tools!
Track Name: Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Underground: Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Yes, there is a shed
behind the big black house,
the smell of rotten corpses,
is spreading all around.

Can you hear the screams,
from deep deep down below,
oh something is crawling,
through the bloody corridors,

He's running through the mist,
his shadow moves and twists,

Now he is bound to the table,
And he's scared to death,
the chainsaw is swinging,
he takes one last breath.

Let's try this face on,
I will make it my own.

Bring the chainsaw here, Thomas.
Get over here, boy.
Come on, boy!
Come on, and
Kill, kill kill kill(4x)

Madness shining from his eyes,
Dragging victims through his
wooden door.(2x)

He's running through the mist,
his shadow moves and twists,
Track Name: Horrors of the Past
Underground: Horrors of the Past

Lie awake in bed, the terrors of the night,
Screams that seem to last, the fear of what you've done,
Bloodied corpses on the ground, just another burial mound,
The clash of the swords, all hail the devils cause!

Brother killing brother, for greed or out of power,
Lifeless bodies in your mind, what you thought you could find,
Escape from death you cannot see, contain the evil within me,
All the lost souls have joined the devil's cause!

Split the night,
The horrors of the past,
Have come for me,
I'll be damned, for my day has come!